HELPTST2 - HELP SHEET GEOGRAPHY 1114 EXAM 2 *This sheet is...

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1 HELP SHEET GEOGRAPHY 1114 EXAM 2 *This sheet is intended as a HELP; learning is more than memorization of terms. Test questions will be derived from both the lectures and the readings (chapters 5-8 in McKnight and Hess’ 10th edition). The lectures and readings contain many facts, but the point of the course is to have you gain an understanding of how the facts fit together. *The exam will have 50 multiple choice questions and 5 fill-in-the-blank questions. The exam will count 165 points out of 1,000 in the course. Terms from readings and lectures Chapter 5 pressure, atmospheric pressure pressure, density, and temperature as they relate to each other barometer, millibar, isobar, high, low, ridge, trough pressure gradient wind, updrafts, downdrafts ascent, subsidence forces causing wind: pressure gradient, Coriolis, friction how the forces interact to create wind the friction layer geostrophic wind versus surface wind Can you determine the direction of the wind looking at a map of isobars? cyclones and anticyclones the surface and upper air flow in cyclones and anticyclones (Fig. 5-9) descending air in anticyclones, ascending air in anticyclones and its importance knots versus miles per hour (you will not need to convert) the geography of wind speeds (Fig 5-11) Gist of “Wind Power” page Nature of pressure/height relationship in Table 5-1 the wind and pressure belts of the Earth: intertropical convergence zone, trade winds, subtropical high, westerlies, polar front, polar easterlies, polar high, Hadley cells (Fig. 5-14) ***Note: This figure connects many concepts and is very important*** horse latitudes, doldrums upper westerlies, polar front jet stream, subtropical jet stream, Rossby waves seasonal migration of the wind and pressure belts
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HELPTST2 - HELP SHEET GEOGRAPHY 1114 EXAM 2 *This sheet is...

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