Physical Geog. Honor Paper 2

Physical Geog. Honor Paper 2 - Dak Hall Geog. 1114 Dr....

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Dak Hall Geog. 1114 Dr. Steve Stadler 26 October 2010 Utah Snowpack Over the past half century, the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) has begun to decline in the Great Salt Lake Basin. A high SWE means that there is more freshwater available running into the Great Salt Lake (GSL). This freshwater keeps the salinity of the lake at a lower level (Bedford). ‘Changing Properties of Snowpack in the GSL Basin, Western United States, from a 26-Year SNOTEL Record’ is the title of an article written by Daniel Bedford and Adrea Douglass of Weber State University. The article is found in volume 60, issue 3 of The Professional Geographer from page 374-386. This issue is one of particular importance due to the possible of late summer water shortages, as well as a negative effect on the GSL ecosystem and economy. The major issue that this research addressed is whether total amounts of snow accumulation are decreasing, or whether it is a shift in the timing of snow accumulation and depletion. Data is being recorded for the SWE in the GSL Basin using twenty-eight snowpack telemetry stations (SNOTEL). “The high temporal resolution of SNOTEL data relative to other records allows it to show important nuances in western U.S. snowpack trends” (Bedford). The data has shown apparent reductions in the peak SWE. However, the stronger trend suggests that there is an earlier peak and onset of melting. It is
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Physical Geog. Honor Paper 2 - Dak Hall Geog. 1114 Dr....

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