Physical Geography Notes 9-30-2010

Physical Geography Notes 9-30-2010 - air streams over...

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9/30/2010 Physical Geography Precipitation Process o Cloud droplets much too small to fall o Collision/coalescence Process that normally happens in the Tropics o Ice crystals Ice crystals grow at the expense of water droplets. Like fission kind of thing. Starts as ice crystals then environment determines ice, water, or sleet. o Forms Depend on Environmental lapse rate o Stillwater’s precipitation starts as snow Geographic Distribution o Precipitation uneven on earth o Some regularities evident o Warmer places have the most precipitation o But, not all warm places are “wet” o Mountain areas “wet” o Places with rising air are “wet” Seasonality o Patterns shift by season o High-sun season peaking in most locations o Deep tropical places have lot of precipitation o Hydrosphere not reliable in bringing water everywhere Chapter 7 Atmospheric Disturbances
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9/30/2010 o Air mass characteristics and movement are large parts of weather and climate o Global circulation consistently put
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Unformatted text preview: air streams over certain regions • Source Regions o Air passes slowly over source region o Energy and moisture exchange between earth and atmosphere o High pressure dominates o Light winds o Homogeneous surfaces o Oklahoma and Great plains not a source region • Air Masses o Very large (>1500 km) o Homogeneous within o Distinct “species” of air • Classification o Abbreviations used o Stability and temp. implied by the classification A: Arctic AA: Antarctic P: Polar T: Tropical E: Equatorial • c: continental • m: Maritime mP: cool-wet cP: cold-dry 9/30/2010 cT: hot-dry mT: warm-wet • modification o air masses pushed out of source areas o modification with distance from source region o thermal o dynamic o moisture • Fronts o Boundaries between air masses o Sharp transitions: Temp. Density Humidify Stability...
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Physical Geography Notes 9-30-2010 - air streams over...

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