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Time Managment - Dak Hall Megan Linsenmeyer BADM 1111 Time...

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Dak Hall Megan Linsenmeyer BADM 1111 September 15, 2010 Time Management Throughout my day, I have a fairly busy schedule. Although I have a diverse schedule, there a several ways in which it could be optimized. The first way is to move spending time with my friends to no early than 8:30. By doing this I will have around four extra hours per week. I will then use this extra time to study and get ahead on my work. The second way I could use my time more effectively is to wake up at 8:00 even on the weekends. By doing this, I will have twelve extra hours a week that can be applied to either studying or leisure activities. By relaxing in the morning or doing homework I will be able to also get ahead on my work, which has the potential to provide for more free time. Finally, the third change in my schedule would be to spend less time eating my meals. By doing this, I will have approximately four hours extra a week to spend a week studying for my classes. Time management takes work to be successful.
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