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Geog 1113_HW2 - diffusion could they have reached the...

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Geog 1113: Cultural Geography FALL 2010 DUE DATE: Thursday, OCT. 28, 2010 Homework Assignment #2: Cultural Geography of Countries Examine and discuss at least TWO of the following aspects of the cultural geography of your assigned countries: (i) Major ethnicities and languages : their percentages of the total population, most commonly spoken languages, and official language. Identify any ethnic or linguistic problems being faced and how they are being addressed. (ii) Religions : the most popular and/or widespread religions (including their percentages). How do these religions interact with/relate to each other? How did these religions become influential in these countries (if they are not indigenous religions, by what processes of
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Unformatted text preview: diffusion could they have reached the countries?) (iii) At least two environmental issues in each country. How do the cultural practices of the people contribute to the problem(s) or are being harnessed to solve the environmental problem(s)? Answer may include actions being taken by other nations providing assistance. Requirements: Font size: 10 – 12 Margin: 1 inch Double-spacing Length: 2-3 pages (minus reference, title page or any pictures/maps/diagrams appended) References: At least three references (Don’t use Wikipedia or similar sources as a reference, please!)...
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