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GEOG 1113 CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY FALL 2010 STUDY GUIDE FOR FINAL EXAM CONCEPTS/DEFINITIONS/THEORIES/MODELS IN POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY (Chp 6) Territoriality Vs Sovereignty Enclaves/Pene-enclaves Vs Exclaves/Pene-exclaves Nationalism (definition and characteristics) Centrifugal forces Vs Centripetal forces Buffer states (definition and example) Natural boundaries Vs Ethnographic boundaries Cleavage (Example: Ukraine elections) Gerrymandering (the three types Packing, dilution and stacking) Core-periphery configuration in state formation (examples: Paris and France; Moscow and Russia) Political diffusion processes (relocation and expansion) Political boundaries as barriers to diffusion (examples of Hispaniola and Cyprus) The Heartland Theory (Basic theses of theory; heartland, rimland) Nation-state Vs Multinational states Ethnic separatism (examples: Basque, Kurdistan, Sakha) Cleavage Model (Basic theses of model; persistent voting behavior; political tension) Effects of colonialism on political geography (state formation and political diffusion/culture) Folk fortresses (examples: highlands/mountains, forests, deserts and their importance in political developments guerilla warfare, political refuge, etc) Politics and environment (green parties’ philosophy and their cultural values ; examples: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and US politics; Nuclear Waste Disposal in the Yucca Mountains) Politics and natural resources (Oil politics and regional alliances) Politics and religion (e.g., Ukraine elections, Nigerian elections) Berlin Wall (what it was and its purpose) Iron Curtain (what it was and its purpose)
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CONCEPTS/DEFINITIONS/THEORIES/MODELS IN POPULATION GEOGRAPHY (chp 3) Population Distribution (Top five most populous countries) Population density, population growth rate and annual population change Natality (birth rate and total fertility rates) Factors influencing natality (contraceptive uses, abortion, reproductive health policies) Global distribution of fertility rates Mortality (Crude death rate) Factors influencing mortality (living standards, diseases, health and health care services) Leading causes of mortality in First and Third world countries Infant mortality Indices of the Standard of Living (HDI; HPI) (Definitions) Population policy of China and Nigeria (basics) Malthusian Theory on Population (the bases of the theory, the outcome, and the consequence) Overpopulation, carrying capacity, demographic collapse, population explosion and implosion
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GEOG 1113_FinalExam_StudyGuide_Fall2010 - GEOG 1113...

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