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GEOG 1113: CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #3 CULTURAL LANDSCAPES (DUE DATE: NOV. 18, 2010) FALL 2010 Cultural landscapes are visible expressions of cultures (cultural traits and aspects). They are the human imprints on the natural landscape. Generally, cultural landscapes are of great interest to cultural geographers because they serve as visual records of cultures, which preserve and may reveal the history of cultures, their basic needs and ways of life, prevailing attitudes, practices and ideas, and interactions with the environment. The significance of cultural landscapes may be underscored by the fact that some scholars have suggested that it be regarded as the central theme in human geographic studies. This homework assignment examines your grasp of the concept of cultural landscape: identification of different cultural landscapes associated with different cultural aspects, understanding the different ramifications of the landscape and providing an informed analysis of such a landscape.
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