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Geog 1113: Cultural Geography Homework Assignments (Fall 2010) Due: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Assignment #1 Part I: What Is In a Name? A name is the basic identifier of a person. Everyone has a name given to them by which the person is identified and to which the person responds. However, names are more than just individual identity tags. They are cultural identity tags as well, sometimes imbued with lots of cultural meanings and significance. For example, ancestral (ethnic) descent or religious affiliation of a person can be approximated from their names. From this a cultural region can be identified. Names such as Reagan, Riley and Kennedy are generally associated with Irish nationality; MacDonald, Macbeth and MacClean are usually associated with Scots; Al-Kazim, Al-Mustafa or Abdulkarim may be of Arabic descent; Adelakun, Kitombo and Mandela are associated with African origin. Names are also based on other cultural factors other than ethnic nationality. For example, a Spanish with an Arabic (ethnic) name may probably be a convert to Islam or may be indicative
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