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Geog 1113: Cultural Geography Homework Assignments (Fall 2010) Due: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Assignment #1 Part II: What Is In a Name? Names as cultural identity tags are contextual. Different cultures have different contexts within which names are given to children. In some cultures names with less than positive connotations/meanings are frowned upon because it is believed that names are more than just identity tags of persons who bear them. It is believed that they have a transformational power or that children will grow to be what their names suggest! In some other cultures, names are nothing more than an ID to differentiate between people in the society. Knowing what obtains in other cultures usually is important to giving perspective to our own cultural practices on names and the naming process. It also exposes us to an appreciation of the similarities and differences we share in our cultures, even in seemingly unimportant but apparently inevitable practice as names and naming processes. In this exercise, each student is expected to identify and interview a person from a different
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