PLS 100 Exam 1 Review Sheet

PLS 100 Exam 1 Review Sheet - PLS 100 Exam 1 Review Sheet...

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PLS 100 Exam 1 Review Sheet I. Constitution (Chapter 2) What does a constitution restrict? The Power of the King Why is the Magna Carta important? First constitution to restrict English king’s power What is a King? Holds absolute authority, diving right of god Difference between civil, criminal law, and constitutional law. Civil laws deal with commoners and money compensation, Criminal laws deal with laws that damage a person or their property (above civil law), Const. Law is the supreme law, our rights as citizen (above the king) What is the difference between the three government types: monarchies, aristocracies and democracies? Monarchy is a rule by 1 or a king, aristocracies ruled by a few and usually rich, democracy is the rule by many (representative or direct) What is a representative democracy? The people elect reps to vote for them, reflect the ideals of the person Which country has the oldest written constitution? ‘MERICA! How did George Washington feel about the constitution? Didn’t think it was gonna fucking work or only last for 20 years What is the Declaration of Independence? Complaints against the king and desire to own our own property What type of government was created under the articles of confederation? Unicameral, weak federal government What was a major problem with this type of government? Fed couldn’t tax or raise military, states largely did their own thing What were 3 problems cited in lecture that prompted the elites to seek a new constitution? Shay’s rebellion lack of troops, bickering between states and taxes, everyone coining their own money Who were the minority and who were the majority? The minority were the rich landowners and the minority were the poor laborers. What type of government did the minority want? Protect the wealthy interests against the majority What are three things the founders did in terms of the king, religion and private property? They didn’t want a king, freedom of religion and separation of church and state, and the right to own private property What is representation? The relation between pop. And # of state reps What were the differences between the Virginia plan, New Jersey plan and the Connecticut compromise? Virginia plan favored large states based on pop., New Jersey favored small states everyone has equal rep, Connecticut proposed bicameral house based on pop and equal rep In the original constitution which branches of government (President, Senate, House of Representative) were popularly elected? All except senate What powers were given to Congress to regulate commerce? Congress granted right to regulate interstate commerce How did the founders handle the slavery issue? Congress couldn’t pass any laws on slavery until 1808 and created 3/5 compromise What was the 3/5 compromise? Slaves counted as 3/5 a person for tax and rep purposes What is commerce? The trade, business, and exchange of currency What was specified about religion in the original constitution? No religious affiliation is
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PLS 100 Exam 1 Review Sheet - PLS 100 Exam 1 Review Sheet...

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