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PLS100 Review Sheet-Test 1 I. Constitution (Chapter 2) What does a constitution restrict? It restricts the power of Kings (from absolute power). Why is the Magna Carta important? It was the first constitution ever to arrive to civilization, in England in 1215 (*not written though*). What is a King? Someone who exhibits absolute authority over all subjects as dictated by God, i.e., the one who speaks to God for the people. Usually a priest serves as a go between. Difference between civil, criminal law, and constitutional law : Civil Law : deals with the disputes between individuals, organizations, or between the two, in which compensation is awarded to the victim. Criminal Law : (penal law) is the body of statutory and common law that deals with crime and the legal punishment of criminal activity. Constitutional Law : are assumed to be supreme laws. Beyond reproach (laws that affect relationship between a king and commoners). Lays out our fundamental rights as citizens that cannot be taken away. What is the difference between the three government types: monarchies, aristocracies and democracies? Monarchy : rule by one. Aristocracy : rule by few. Democracy : rule by many. *In the US we have a mix of all three systems. What is a representative democracy? The US has a representative democracy, and not a pure democracy. A form of government in which the interests of the people are represented through elected leaders. Which country has the oldest written constitution? The United States of America. It is also relatively short compared to other written constitutions. How did George Washington feel about the constitution? George Washington thought the constitution would only last 20 years. What is the Declaration of Independence? The Declaration of Independence summarized complaints against the King and a desire to own private property. What type of government was created under the articles of confederation? Created a government where Congress of the confederation served as the central governing body with unicameral legislation (one house). This created a weak national government and very strong states. What was a major problem with this type of government? The major problem was that this government created a very weak national government and very strong states (central government). Each state coined its own money, charged tolls and fees to export goods across state lines and had their own exchange rates. The central government could do little to maintain peace and order. What were 3 problems cited in lecture that prompted the elites to seek a new constitution? Shay’s Rebellion, bickering between states over taxes, and states began to coin their own money. Who were the minority and who were the majority? Minority : were the wealthy people (plantation owners). Majority : were the commoners (small farmers, artisans). What type of government did the minority want?
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ReviewSheetT1 - PLS100 Review Sheet-Test 1 I. Constitution...

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