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Amadeus - Matthew Yeung MWF 12:20-1:10 February 16th 2011...

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Matthew Yeung MWF 12:20-1:10 February 16 th 2011 Amadeus Amadeus was an interesting film that I enjoyed thoroughly. The plot of this film was easy to follow and understand and being able to listen to the music in the film gave a different perspective than listening to his works in class. When reading the movie title, one might think it’s just a biography of Mozart’s life. Salieri tells the story of Mozart and he wants to be forgiven for allegedly killing Mozart. I think having the story told through the eyes of Salieri is nice because you get a different perspective of Mozart’s life. Using the back and forth flashbacks is a good way to help the audience that is watching, understand everything in a movie because many a times it gets confusing if plots and motives are not clear. Mozart is a lot different than I thought he was from what the film portrayed. This film showed that he was a goofy individual who was always trying to please women. Mozart seems as if he is a little kid,
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