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Matthew Yeung Music Appreciation Extra Credit MWF- 12:20 April 27, 2011 The Pianist This film has an outbreak in World War II and Wladyslaw Szpilman is a pianist for the local radio station. The Germans took over the Polish Army in a matter of three weeks Szpilman’s radio station is destroyed playing live one day. Lucky for him, when he is leaving the building due to the bombing, he meets his friend who introduces him Dorota. Dorota is the sister of Wladyslaw’s friend and she travels with him around Warsaw to learn the terror that Jewish have to endure under the German Nazis. The environment that the Jewish lived in while at Warsaw were awful and this begins the holocaust, which is one of the worst events in the history of the world. Wladyslaw becomes the pianist at a local restaurant in this wretched area. Itzak Heller becomes Wladyslaw’s hero when he saves him. Heller is a police officer that helps watch Wladyslaw’s family board the train. Heller never comes back into the movie.
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