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Design Project Assignment 2: Problem Definition Users and Requirements Submit one copy per team as a single PDF document to the Project Assignment 2 assignment link on Scholar by 5pm on the day before your Week 12 Workshop. Name the file WSID_Team#_PA2.pdf (where WSID is your workshop ID e.g. 8W-JJ, substitute your team number for the #). Moving from a problem statement to a problem definition that will provide a concrete basis for design is an important step in the design process. In class this week several steps for defining a design problem were introduced. These steps were further discussed during the workshop and you worked through examples to apply the different sub-steps. As part of your second assignment you will now apply the same steps to your design choice (as approved by your workshop leader) for the team project. The goal is to produce a problem definition that can form the basis for the next step of the design process. You are encouraged to use photos and drawings, if applicable, to define your problem. At a minimum, you must provide: a problem statement, 3 personas, 3 user goals, 10 design objectives, 3 constraints, 3 scenarios, objective tree, 3 metrics, and the resulting problem definition. Team Number: 5 WS: 10W-GV Team Members: 1. Jonathan Baker 2. Karl Rice 3. Ryan Curtis 4. Max Ammons * add more rows as needed. ____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Problem Statement : crutch that is easy to place/store out of the way when not in use 2. Personas a: Define Personas: b. Describe your personas: Each persona should include: A name and a picture, Demographics (age, education, ethnicity, family status), Job title and major responsibilities (if any), Environment (Physical, Technological, Social)
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