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Morph Chart T5 - off the ground Offer a leg rest that holds...

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Function/Features Means Support Someone’s’ weight Uses circular shapes to spread out weight evenly Non bendable material User applies weight at different spots of the crutch Built symmetrically Straps to the shoulder Made Really big Cross braces to ensure structural rigidity Keep Strain off a certain body part User leans on crutch Prop up leg Make it super fluffy to displace weight Straps to hold up strained body parts Boot to make the good leg longer Robotic gyroscopes keep it upright Device that makes your leg disappear but still heal Keep the user stable Geko grip on the bottom Thick rubber soles Wide upper body Strong material Straps around hips Weight balanced evenly from top to bottom Anti-gravity field Made of a material plastic Aluminum wood iron Meteor Rock Carbon fiber steel Expedite recovery Allow user to keep leg
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Unformatted text preview: off the ground Offer a leg rest that holds ice Heating pads Packet to hold medicines/ shots/pads Dual purpose heating and ice pad offered Injects user with a steady stream of steroids Induces a coma to allow body to heal Compactable inflatable Screw/ unscrew Folds like an accordion Hinges and slides Collapsible crutch Completely disassembles Telescopes into itself Preserve peace of mind Pouch to hold pain pills Speakers producing ocean sounds Custom paint jobs Padded underarm Glade plug it to release soothing scents Built in MP3 player with earphone jack Curved to fit user properly Survive drops from buildings Lightweight so it floats to the ground Crutch that has some “give” Material is all welded together so they don’t come apart Built in parachute Deployable airbags Wings that flap Shaped lke an airplane so it glides...
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