Geologic Times

Geologic Times - Geologic Time what is absolute time? Time)...

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Unformatted text preview: Geologic Time what is absolute time? Time) (Mow “Di/13) M3 at 13%;.“ I mm H \{eorg OM” how do geologists measure absolute time? radioactive dating techniques radioactive decay; half-life *Mass ng’IC'i'rD‘MQ'i‘Ei— +0 measure . Dom ‘I/H'ef 1% air poren’l lge’i'vpeb awal aging daujm—er aims 4+ Di a'l‘ow‘ls chan‘l’ t—‘J [a °‘ ”‘ P=P02 “2 =Poe T‘me, Jirtves.) P = number of parent atoms present isotope, P0 = original number of parent atoms = # of parent + daughter atoms now t = time T1,2 = half—life (base 2 decay constant) T = decay constant (base e) why are many rocks very difficult to date? tmugf Mun-toxin (“a lgachide. pmrzm’r lsofi-OQE »{OQ[/LS who. be. i170 Y‘ng {10+— QWS‘G dauuleX'EF 0.3mm -rot’u‘; ‘70.? 9101 moti— {Via-45M qunJr afims what is relative time? why do geologists use it? - +0 go uixm Oi You” ‘1" ~ HaraJro QM a‘ogomlre Jt'I'Me. +5 Jaw-Mg med 46 rmd 00+ age rate we 40 mar ems-9% . . how do geologists measure relative time? it A I“ uniformitarianism: We POE. Sam’th fine chh/ +2 We (3015+ JocpK oer \MersyG‘nmu oi} Heath: swung) 6%) A eoloflw‘c wceSseé «ammo New Same JAN‘DUKEW‘ +7“?— 5 '[AV‘LOKererMd €m¢egsesaYOW WI“ “fidefi‘i‘uv‘d we“ Hole: GEOS 2104 Study Aid A—l Geologic Time sediment: What is is? What shape of rock? how? _ ’Qaririaalg OJ: (‘0qu 0&9?“in m lowers by worHiCWm dd m6 FF bunedl “egg, {cur-e (‘5 60km bammf Foal/q original horizontality: . m J Calorlrme. Seal.mcm¥ar\{ pat,“ lowers were 0(i8.nq1l\f MDFIZO +01 deal-mg Vn‘nav‘es superposition: H P17035565 \foumtjef \orxlers were, Gwyn“ \‘l brmJM) M +90 03¢ older laxier _be\nsr (£0ldn’dl .mgion cufi' mu} reocwstructure *“twl “0M5 (mam) cross-cutting relationships: (give examples) v ~14“; my rs. aloler +\ncm AAA g gmimre We, d6£¢km€d 'I'l‘ (leak-{HA fossils mac, at} we evolution: Qfioggu 5 {promote euidemce o 1% an) new 8 oeu‘es ONO ' cecal-ed gill-er avowed «9341078 @clwml What is the geologic time scale? 'Cblde’ F5 oxfl "(he boHOM usuallY “breaths glam Ame, areas all Jame all actF+M (um-Wong 0-? Years) how old is? Earths mec [o q Years (Ll two mulli'w/D earliest life (cells) 570 m‘ih‘m Year-3 oldest major Virginia rocks I100 mimm wears Appalachians Lloo H3 0 0 WWW WAVE extinction of dinosaurs ZSO — 05 WV‘W“ ‘f a“ 5 end of last ice age -0\ WWW“ Wm“ chic/Sf $053M 32490 «whim Years W’G‘n Year‘s Hole: GEOS 2104 Study Aid A_2 Home sanew'evxs .5 mi Geologic Time 9143* \OMOl \(JVN‘JV L‘LOO mimow 43.41%: SM'ENLE) 5-10 mfl‘kx‘ov‘. \[Qofé oldfifv’f' re (M moo m\\\\‘o~'\ \[eurs ...
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Geologic Times - Geologic Time what is absolute time? Time)...

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