Gender and Cultural Discourse project

Gender and Cultural Discourse project - Ryan Curtis 3/15/11...

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Ryan Curtis 3/15/11 Sharon 3:30 Gender and Cultural Discourse project For my Gender and Cultural Discourse project i decided it would be a good opportunity to see how men and women both interact while playing the game of basketball. I have been playing basketball since I was 9 and my sister started playing because of me. So over spring break I attended my sister’s state tournament, watched college play (men’s and women’s), and went to my rec center to play some pick-up five-on-five games. This seemed like a pretty good idea since I already was forced to go attend my sister’s games and I already loved watching college basketball in March. Then going to the gym wasn’t a big deal because warm weather is coming up and I needed the exercise. These three different aspects of the sport show me how men and women are seen in the sport and how they are treated. To be honest this project/idea just worked out perfectly for my spring break. I had ample time to observe not only how men and women play the game but also time to observe how men and women were treated as players and observers. When I was younger (around the age of 8) I thought the game of basketball was just a game where it didn’t really matter if you were a boy or a girl. Clearly I saw that females could not jump as high meaning no dunk shots, but besides that the game was the same. Growing up my favorite movie was “Love and Basketball” and in that movie the two main characters fall in love due to growing up playing the sport. The whole movie it appears that the two have identical talents. This is shown particularly in a scene where the two play 1-on-1 for each other’s love and the female only loses by 1 basket. But this view began to change when I started watching Sportscenter and other sports shows. While I watched these shows I would not see any Professional Women’s basketball highlights unless there was a buzzer beater or something
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extravagant. It seemed that the media just felt that girls’ basketball was a joke and that no one wanted to watch it. So my view of women’s’ basketball began to mold that of the media more and more. This also is what began to mold my friends and the more it shaped their views the more I was surrounded by it. So by age 12 maybe I believe that men were indeed superior to women in the sport of basketball. I guess overall I sort of lost interest in the women’s game just because I didn’t see it all the time and when I did it wasn’t anything special to me, no
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Gender and Cultural Discourse project - Ryan Curtis 3/15/11...

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