Gender Performance Project

Gender Performance Project - Ryan Curtis 2/9/11 Prior to...

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Unformatted text preview: Ryan Curtis 2/9/11 Prior to this assignment I was planning on going all out for this assignment, in fact I was kind of excited because I like go out of the way when it comes to school word. I would do this during high school all the time, like if my teacher asked for us to dress like cowboys I would go all out and look like I was living in the 19 th century. But then as I got closer to the performance day it just got harder and harder for me to go all out with my women costume. I was going to do all my makeup and wear like legging or something but when the day came I couldnt do. My comfort zone that I had in high school is not the same as it is in college. In high school I was well-known so whatever I did didnt really matter to me because I was like in the group of people that were popular. Plus being a senior I just didnt care anymore, like I was older and had respect so whatever I did was probably just seen as funny. But here in college not everyone knows me so my comfort zone is really different. Especially being a freshman I feel college not everyone knows me so my comfort zone is really different....
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