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Intro WGS SP11 syllabus - WS 1824 Introduction to Womens...

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WS 1824 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies Spring 2011 CRNs 16137, 16141, 16143 McBride 204 Instructor: Sharon Elber 408 McBride Women’s and Gender Studies Program Department of Sociology Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA and by appointment NOTE: I am very responsive to email. If you have a question in between our classroom meeting times, please do not hesitate to contact me via email. REQUIRED TEXTS Shaw, Susan M. and Janet Lee. (eds.) “Women’s Voices Feminist Visions: Classic and Contemporary Readings” (4th ed) . McGraw Hill: 2009. ISBN – 13: 978-0-07-351228-0 ISBN – 10: 0-07-351228-1 COURSE DESCRIPTION I structured this course in order to raise a series of questions about gender and society, with particular attention to women’s lives, and to introduce students to Women’s and Gender Studies as a discipline. Through reading, exercises, writing, and discussion, we will examine how we all learn and experience gender, the diverse ways in which women experience marginalization in the context of the intersections of class, gender, race, and sexuality, and the historical development of feminism and Women’s Studies. COURSE OBJECTIVES Understand the particular problems that women face, both historically and today. Raise awareness of the efforts of women and men to confront oppression and create a more just society. Develop an understanding of gender as a historically and culturally contingent phenomenon. Introduction to various feminisms and their respective theories of oppression and privilege, particularly with respect to class, gender, race, and sexuality. Raise awareness and appreciation of the diversity of feminist theoretical positions and begin to find one’s own place within that diversity. Develop tools for critical thinking, reading, writing, and discussion. 1
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Virginia Tech's Honor Code will be strictly enforced in this course. Any suspected violations of the honor code will be promptly reported to the honor system. See for the full text of the honor code and information on repercussions resulting from honor code violations. Respect in the Classroom – Some of the topics covered in this class will be controversial. You are free to disagree with the position of the instructor or other students in the classroom both in class discussion and in your writings without fear of penalty to your grade. However, please note that you are expected to always maintain a respectful tone (both in your writing and in your classroom behavior). Disrespect will not be tolerated in the classroom or in your writing. Furthermore, you will be asked to engage the material which means that simply agreeing or disagreeing with some aspect of the readings/discussion does not constitute conversation/analysis. If you are unsure about what constitutes respectful disagreement please see me and I would be happy to discuss this with you. Students with Disabilities/Special Needs
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Intro WGS SP11 syllabus - WS 1824 Introduction to Womens...

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