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Cataldi in the “Reflections of Male Bashing” basically wrote about how people in society view feminists as male “bashers.” What she means by this is that these women are said to verbally abuse men for their actions whether it be simple spouse arguments or rape. Cataldi herself believes that women do not male bash in fact she later states, “…personally I do not think we have even begun to bash.” I think that there is some “male bashing” maybe not as extreme as some would think but every statement comes from a bit of truth. When I was in high school my government teacher, a women in her fifties or sixties, would always make snide remarks about the men in congress. She would say things about how arrogant these men were and how the country would be better if Hilary Clinton had won the presidential election. So I would definitely say that there is some bashing going around but I just think that is human nature in a way because I know guys do silly things like that as well. Cataldi references Bell Hook’s argument
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