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Journal 2 - then back up protection Also when it bring up...

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The video entitled “Feminism Survey: Men in the Street” seemed a bit over the top for me. The lady in charge of the survey made me angry from the beginning with her dumb remark. Of course you don’t want to start off your first date talking about feminism. Then the people she asked the questions seemed to answer jokingly or not entirely truthful. Take the last guy for instance; he seemed like he said what he said just so he can get a female interested in him. In The Day Without Feminism a good point is made that some feminist gains are in fact gains for men as well. Take birth control for instance; now that females are able to take birth control it gives men (and obviously women) more security when engaging in sexual acts. I for one love to hear the girl is on the pill, it just makes me feel better knowing that if something wrong happens with the condom I have
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Unformatted text preview: then back up protection. Also when it bring up the National Honor Society thing I personally think that that rule is complete BS, no one should be getting kicked out of the NHS for getting pregnant. And even if it some universe this rule was alright it should also apply to the guy that got her pregnant as well. In class we talked about nature and nurture and kind of talked about homosexuals in relation to this. I personally think that being gay is a mix of both. What I mean is that when you are born something in your brain is different just like as if you had Down syndrome or something. Then depending on how you grow up you can either become a very flamboyant homosexual or a homosexual that is just like a “regular guy” that would be hard to pick out of a lineup....
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