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journal 3 - white men and females It then goes on to say...

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Okay I’m going to start off this journal by clarifying my last statement where I compared not being straight to Down syndrome. I didn’t mean for that to sound degrading towards being gay all I meant was that I see it as something genetic and can’t change. A better comparison would be like someone’s skin color. I agree with your last statement, I too believe that many non-straight people see their sexuality as normal. My best friend’s parents are gay and I know they live their lives just like any straight couple. One thing I found really interesting came out of the Toward the New Vision reading where the list was of male and female attributes were given. At first glance the list looked like any other list you would imagine if you were to ask a classroom, but then it explains how that list resembles middle class
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Unformatted text preview: white men and females. It then goes on to say that if a black man had some aspects of “the man” such as aggressiveness he would be seen as violent/scary. I just found this point very interesting because I didn’t realize how many things you would have to take into account just to set up a simple list of attributes. One of the readings brought up the point that the word history is bad because it implies that it’s just about the life of men since it’s HIS-tory. I don’t know I just feel like it’s a word and it really shouldn’t matter that much. My English teacher was telling us about how feminists were trying to change the spelling of words like human, woman, and mailman. The -man would become –myn, I just think that this is a little absurd....
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