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Abortion is a big issue that comes up around my area. I already have about 5 friends that have a baby and all have thought about getting an abortion. 1 of the 5 actually went through and got an abortion because she felt that she was too young and that it wouldn’t be fair for the child since she couldn’t provide for it (she was 15 at the time). Not a lot of people knew about the incident so she didn’t/doesn’t get any crap for it and she doesn’t seem like she was that affected by her decision. What I mean is that is that she didn’t go crazy or become depressed like some women do after abortions. Of course she thinks about what life would be like if she had gone through with the pregnancy, but that is it really. Another friend of mine actually just had a baby last week and she was one the five that had thought about abortion. So from my experiences (short life I know) you can live a happy life either way. I personally believe that
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Unformatted text preview: women should have the choice whether or not to have the baby. That lady from New York in the short video really got on my nerves to be completely honest. I know contraceptives are bad/not looked good upon in some religions but I don’t see how you cannot use protection and not have a choice in abortion. If you’re having sex and living that way then you are bound to have a baby here and there. If everyone lived that way the population would be booming and the orphanages would be crazy as well. The narrator made me happy when she down played her credibility of being a feminist since she doesn’t believe in pro-choice. Even though I feel that if you don’t agree with one aspect of being a feminist that doesn’t mean you’re not a feminist. Just like politics, no one agrees with everything that their respective party agrees with....
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