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“Marriage and Love” really downplayed the institution of Marriage. At first the author talks about how the two really have nothing in common even though most people associate marriage with people you fall in love with. One of my friends’ sisters got pregnant by accident and her and her partner decided to get married so that the kid would have a family. This shows how you don’t have to be in love to get married, though I still believe that love is the best reason. Then in the end of the reading the author goes on to say that when you’re married everything a couple owns is considered the man’s such as “his house.” “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job” brought up a lot of interesting ideas. One being that since women live longer than men, women should consider marriage just a segment of life. Also divorce is another
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Unformatted text preview: reason for a shorter marriage so women should plan for the future in case either happens. I have never thought of marriage of something you just do expecting it to end so this kind of stuck me as interesting. But I do agree with her that these days people should be telling people to plan for their futures whether it be with a family, working environment, or both. Today the men assume that they will have both whereas some women believe they just grow up have kids and watch them. These women need to start planning for their future in both work and love. One thing though I didnt really care for is how she put down the males with her quote comparing all men to Donald Trumps ego. I know some men are full of themselves but obviously not all....
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