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Betrayed by the Angel reminded me of the book I read for my book report. They both spoke about women not liking the fact of being beautiful because it brought men into their lives that disrespected them. In the book the women was harassed whereas in this reading the women was raped. This reading was also very interesting because she did not think that rape was that serious. At the end the lady speaks about how the rapist got 35 years for his actions, she seemed to think that this was too long for what he did. Usually when I read or hear about rape the women is so hurt that she believes the guy should be locked up for life or put to death, so this surprised me. Pornography and Freedom was kind of hard for me to read because it seemed REALLY biased and Stoltenberg just kind of got on my nerves. Things like, “homophobia is absolutely integral to the system of sexualized male supremacy” or “it [pornography] makes hate and terrorism feel like sex” I
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Unformatted text preview: didnt agree with. Both of those statements seem a little farfetched for me. I did agree with the fact that pornography sets a standard for what is considered sexy for men and so on. Kids at an early age are introduced to porn through their friends and other media outlets such as the television. They start looking at playboys and surfing porn websites and begin seeing what people believe to be sexy so they are socialized to see these women as good looking and others not. In the Yale article involving Title IX the stand out thing to me was when a group of men walked around campus chanting No means yes and yes means anal. I have heard this saying before and never thought much of it but for a group of guys to walk around chanting it while others yell Louder! I was appalled to be honest, especially since the school took no action....
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