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Too Many Women in College? was pretty interesting to me. I never really thought about it going through high school but girls really do perform better across the board then guys (at least at my school). Of our 96 valedictorians (above a 4.0 GPA) about 50-60 of them were females. So from my experiences at least girls do perform better at least just as well as men but yet most of the higher paying jobs are held by males. In a perfect world the classroom would translate to the business world but clearly it does not. Affirmative action for men too is a very bad idea because as the reading says this could lead to more affirmative action’s such as gays, whites, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Something interesting I found out came out of the reading Real Men join the Movement when they talked about how in Sweden they have “Daddy Days” where they give the fathers a month off basically to spend time with their newborns. It says that only half the men use this opportunity which surprises me because a month off of being paid sounds good to me. (I’m guessing you get some kind of money… or is it just that you don’t get fired?) Another thing I found interesting was that before a lot of women (53%) believed that one of the best parts of being a women is being a wife/mother. But recently only 26% still believe that....
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