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Ryan Curtis Women Studies Reproductive Right Essay Over the last 60 years people have been debating a lot of reproductive rights that women should have. Suffrage groups and rights movements have been created in order to get the word out and attempt to help the fellow women. These rights include the right to an abortion, the right to use contraceptives, and a few others. Some view these rights as morally wrong while other groups see them as good. When you are one of the people that think these things are morally wrong than should you be able to still call yourself a feminist. I personally think it depends on what exactly you believe and how you word your “mission” as a group/individual. The organization, Feminists for Life I do not believe can consider themselves feminists because they totally take away the freedom that woman have to choose. They believe that a woman should never get an abortion even if the mother’s life is at stake. In their eyes all abortions are wrong and it seems that they try to get their voice out by seeming that they are in the woman’s best interest. One of their quote being “Women deserve better than abortion” and another being “There is life after adoption, Refuse to
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reproductive rights essay - Ryan Curtis Women Studies...

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