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1. Why did Krakauer find the story of Chris McCandless sufficiently interesting to write a book about him? (Author's Note) 2. Why was Jim Gallien concerned about Chris when he gave him a ride to the Stampede Trail in April of 1992? (Chapter One) 3. Who discovered Chris's body in September 1992? (Chapter Two) -gordan Samuel a hunter along with 2 other hunters and a couple 4. How did Wayne Westerberg remember Chris and describe him to Krakauer? Also, why did Chris reject the gift of a new car from his parents? (Chapter Three) -“odd young guy” worked hard, didn’t like his family, intelligent, studious, - 5. Why did Chris abandon his Datsun; what near-death experiences did Chris have; and what happened to Chris's college fund? (Chapter Four) -The Datsun got stuck in a flash flood so he left it there. Almost died of a heat stroke walking around lakemead…He donated his college fund to a charity to fight hunger. 6. What kind of work did Chris do in Bullhead City; why was Chris's admiration of Jack London
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