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Engineering 98 Memo To: Professor Robert Silverstein From: Team 8 Date: October 3, 2011 Re: Project, Stage 2 Design Objectives: The device must cost no more than $100 on the market. There will be a website onto which users can log in to view the status of their GPS device. Subscription to the service must cost no more than $10 per month. Buying the subscription will allow users to use the website to track their GPS device. The device must be less than 6 oz in weight. It must operate for at least one day on a battery charge. It must be able to connect to either unsecured WiFi networks or cellular networks and send its location to the internet where the user can check it. Right now we are leaning toward using cellular networks because they would provide better coverage. We would like for the rate at which the device sends its location to be adjustable. The user can adjust it either on the website or by calling the device. The device must be small. Right now we are thinking that it should be no larger than
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