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Unformatted text preview: The Disposable Camera Project The Design Analysis of Disposable Flash Design Camera Camera Your company is considering producing a Your disposable flash camera similar to the one you will be given. You will be a member of the design team. Your task is to become the person who knows everything about the competition’s everything camera. You will be the only one with this assignment You only and you will be responsible to answer any questions the other team members have. questions © Robert Silverstein Robert Your Assignment Disassemble the camera and perform an Disassemble “autopsy” on it; recording your observations as you get deeper into it. observations Write a Memo from you to the Write “Disposable Camera Project Team” with the subject of “Disposable Camera Analysis” (use a memo form from MS Word templates) Word Post it on Courseweb by Tuesday, Post October 6 at 8 PM October © Robert Silverstein Robert Memo Content 1. Before taking the camera apart: • • • • • Examine the Camera and packaging. Describe what it purports to do. Describe How does it function? How What are its limitations? What What were the design objectives? What design © Robert Silverstein Robert Memo Content 2. As you take it apart: • Observe and list the design decisions Observe design the engineering team appeared to make as they satisfied the design objectives objectives © Robert Silverstein Robert Memo Content 3. List the parts as you take it apart. 3. List • Make a list of every part. Make • This is called a Bill of Materials (BOM) This and is very important to the competitive design. • Keep your parts. You may use them Keep later. later. © Robert Silverstein Robert Memo Content 4. Describe how you believe the 4. camera was assembled camera • What parts were put together first • How were those “assemblies” put How together together © Robert Silverstein Robert Memo Content 5. List any other observations that 5. you think will be relevant to your team as they decide whether your company should build a competitive camera competitive • Remember only you can answer their Remember questions about the camera questions • They will not have a camera to take They apart apart © Robert Silverstein Robert Assignment Notes There will be no grade on the memo, but There it serves a very important function in the course. the Be careful! The camera has a flash Be circuit that can give you a memorable shock if you are not careful. I encourage you to collaborate as you encourage disassemble the camera, but disassemble You must each write your own You memo memo © Robert Silverstein Robert ...
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