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1. On a scale of 1-3 how is the team communicating? A 3 means all members of the team are involved. A 1 means the team has not done anything as a complete team. - 3. All 6 members of our team come to class and participate on the projects. 2. Based on the description of the four Team maturity levels described in the Lectures, what level is your team achieving? - GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS B/C: 3. Will the Team submit the Task 2 Memo on time (November 18?) - yes. We’ve turned everything in on time so far, but it’s hard to really know because we don’t know our tasks yet 4. Can the Project achieve its performance and cost objectives as listed in the original assignment? (Yes or no) - Yes - The technology already exists, so getting it to function won’t be a concern
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Unformatted text preview: -Size: 6 oz will be easy to do, technology is so small now, just think of cell phones sizes and what they can do-Cost ($100, roughly $25 to build): Yes, cheaper GPS devices already exist on the market-Cost ($10/month subscription): Yes, but this depends on how much were paying cellular provider(s) to use their networks o We could perhaps get a discount with the cell providers by marketing our product with a correlating cell phone app that perhaps they could profit from (app not included in project, whole other process to actually build that if we wanted to)-Battery charge for a day: Yes, we will be able to surpass this. If we use like a watch battery, watches can survive for super long....
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