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Anjali Wadhwa Mrs. Moore AP Environmental Science 8 September 2009 Sources of Error Our ecosystem lab contained many sources of error. The string added too much water into the decomposition chamber and we over-watered our terrestrial chamber causing flooding. Two of our stoppers fell into the aquatic chamber disrupting the fish. Spinning, carrying and opening and closing the chambers for testing may have also been errors. We added extra worms into the aquatic chamber to add to their chance of survival because they weren’t getting their own food but this may have been harmful. Also, some of the lab members were poking at the
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Unformatted text preview: fish, ultimately one died. We originally had two fish instead of just one. Our salinity and TDS observations were missing for two of the testing days causing our observations to have a hole of missing information. We took out one of the rope connections, possibly disrupting the ecosystem. During the first two days, we forgot to plug the air holes possibly letting out fruit flies. When the salinity strips were available again, it was the wrong kind which altered our results. Ultimately, we may have read the data wrong when testing....
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