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Anjali- ScrAPESbook- 1

Anjali- ScrAPESbook- 1 - to do so The major solution to...

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Summary #1 IV. Land and Water Use Friday, June 20, 2008 Lack of meters make water wasters no surprise in Folsom The city of Folsom uses 381 gallons of water per day per person which is more than twice the state average. Folsom is not on a metered water system, residents simply pay a flat rate of about $90. This is causing residents to lose track of how much water they are using and/or wasting. The city is starting a program called the "Water Wise House Call," where a conservationist will check household irrigation systems to make sure they are working properly. A big part of Folsom's water consumption is from irrigation used by the city's lighting division (which includes landscaping) and parks and recreation departments. Folsom does not use reclaimed water to irrigate parks and cityscapes, but the city is considering becoming equipped
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Unformatted text preview: to do so. The major solution to this out of control water problem is to put the entire town on meters. The city is looking to install 5,000 meters by 2011 to follow the state law. For example, the city of Davis, a community similar in size to Folsom, is a water-metered city. Residents pay an average of $51.68 every two months for water. Davis' water consumption: 189 gallons per person per day, 192 fewer gallons than Folsom uses. This article relates to IV. Land and Water Use on the Topic Outline. Water is running out and the Folsom residents are not helping at all. We continue to waste water and not help our environment. This is affecting many aspects of our ecosystem....
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