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Summary #2 IV. Land and Water Use Wednesday, June 25, 2008 Auditor keeps eye on water use by Sacramento-area homeowners The state of California is in its first official drought since 1991 this year. People are not conserving water and wasting water unnecessarily. Sacramento County does not mandate water meters, therefore residents pay a flat rate no matter how much water they are consuming. People are scared of water meters because of the large bill they will have to pay for how much water they use. Water meters tend to encourage conservation. In the Citrus Heights Water District, where metered billing went into effect January 1, water consumption has dropped 8.5 percent through May compared with the five-year average.
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Unformatted text preview: The Sacramento area is one of the few regions in the state where many households still pay a flat rate for water, regardless of how much they use. But the government is putting an end to that. All water connections in California must be metered by 2025 under a recent state law. Many local utilities that use water stored behind Folsom Dam are under a tighter deadline of 2013. This article relates to IV. Land and Water Use on the AP Environmental Science Topic Outline. Water is running out and residents are not helping at all. We continue to waste water and not help our environment. This is affecting many aspects of our ecosystem. Water meters would monitor and help conserve water....
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