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Summary #8 V. Energy Resources and Consumption Saturday, August 2, 2008 Bill proposes fees on more plastic containers to encourage California recycling A bill is waiting to be passed to put fees on more plastic containers. This bill would charge a fee on all plastic bottles in hopes to encourage more recycling in California. The bill would affect about 6.5 billion containers a year. It would increase about $12.50 to $25 in grocery bills per person in California each year. Last year, about two-thirds of the 22 billion beverage containers sold in California were returned for redemption, according to the state. Of the total sold, about a third were plastic,
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Unformatted text preview: which had a recycling rate of about 55 percent. California Redemption Value the state took in almost $1.2 billion from CRV revenue, with about $366 million collected on plastic bottles. The bill would bring in an estimated $330 million more, Curbside pickup services are becoming more expensive due to the increased price of diesel fuel and the CRV helps to offset these costs, he said. This article relates to V. Energy Resources and Consumption on the AP Environmental Science Topic Outline....
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