Sheena- AP environmental summer hw

Sheena- AP environmental summer hw - Chapter 1 1. The most...

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Chapter 1 1. The most dramatic increase in the history of the human population occurred in 1960. 2. The human population has seen great declines during the time of the Black Death in the mid 1300's. 3. The term "population bomb" refers to the rapid explosion of the human population. 4. One factor that contributed to the large increase in human population is a decrease in death rates. 5. Famines occur due to overpopulation, climate change, and poor farming methods. 6. Sustainability is how resources and the environment are maintained. 7. Carrying capacity is the maximum number of individuals of a species that can be sustained be an environment without decreasing the capacity of the environment to sustain the same amount in the future. 8. Estimates on the Earth's carrying capacity vary from 2.5 billion to 40 billion. 9. Urbanization creates good farmland to be covered, creates a lack of habitat for other species, pollution. 10. a. Utilitarian Justification sees some aspects of the environment as valuable because it benefits individuals economically or is directly necessary to human survival. b. Ecological Justification is that an ecosystem is necessary for the survival of some species of interest to is, or that the system itself provides some benefits. c. Moral justification has to do with the belief that various aspects of the environment have a right to exist and that it is our moral obligation to allow them to continue or help them to persist. d. Aesthetic justification has to do with our appreciation of the beauty of nature. e. 11. Frederick Law Olmsted, the great American landscape planner, argued that plantings of vegetation provide medical, psychological, and social benefits and are essential to city life. Chapter 2
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Sheena- AP environmental summer hw - Chapter 1 1. The most...

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