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Water Diversions - Sheena Wadhwa Moore APES Block 4 Water...

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Sheena Wadhwa Moore APES Block 4 Water Diversions PART 1 1. The Salton Sea is located directly on the San Andreas Fault in California's Border Region in the Colorado Desert. The Colorado Desert area experiences higher summer temperatures and never frosts during the winter. It also experiences two rainy seasons. 2. The Salton Sea was created when the Colorado River overflowed due to heavy rain and snowmelt. This created two streams that ended in the Salton Sink, creating the Salton Sea. 3. The Salton Sea has a lack of outflow and an increasing salinity rate, creating a lack of biodiversity. Humans have contributed to these environmental issues with farming because of fertilizer runoff. 4. The Salton Sea is becoming less stable because of the increasing salinity rate. It is 4% saltier than seawater and by the time it reaches 4.4%, every species will be dead except tilapia. 5. The Salton Sea is important because it is a major resting point on the Pacific Flyway for birds. Allowing the sea to die will result in a dust-pollution problem that will effect the economy and public health. The Sea also supports many animals and if the Salton Sea isn’t saved, those species will die out. 6. “Early concepts included costly "pipe in/pipe out" options, which would import lower salinity seawater from the Gulf of California or Pacific Ocean and export higher salinity Salton Sea water; evaporation ponds that would serve as a salt sink, and large dam structures that would partition the sea into a marine lake portion and a brine salt sink portion.” If the report “Saving the Salton Sea” is approved, the construction of the project will start this year and end in 2035. PART 2 1. The Aral Sea borders the former Soviet Republics of Kazakstan and Uzbekistan. 2. The Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers mainly supply the Aral Sea. 3. The World Bank Uzbek mission (of the Uzbekistanian government) is responsible for the Aral Sea. 4. The water supply to the Aral Sea was diverted because a lot of water each
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Water Diversions - Sheena Wadhwa Moore APES Block 4 Water...

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