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Water Quality Index Lab - Water Quality Index Lab Sheena...

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Water Quality Index Lab Sheena Wadhwa Moore APES Block 4 25 March 2011
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Purpose The purpose of this lab was to perform a variety of tests to determine the Water Quality Index (WQI) of the American River and Cronan Ranch Stream. Hypothesis I anticipated the American River to have a better water quality rating than the Cronan Ranch Stream. Due to the stormy weather, the water quality of both sources may be slightly lower than normal and sediments may create the water to be muckier. Background The Water Quality Index was developed in order to compare different bodies of water around the world based on the same information. A variety of tests are used to composite this number. They are tests of dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature change, Fecal Coliform, Biological Oxygen Demand, Nitrogen, Phosphate, Total Dissolved Solids, and Turbidity. For this lab, our class was unable to test Fecal Coliform because of lack of equipment and instead of temperature change, just the temperature of one area was recorded. Dissolved Oxygen is used to determine the amount of oxygen available in the water for organisms to use. This test is extremely important because if there is not enough oxygen dissolved to supply enough oxygen for all the organisms, the organisms will die. The pH test assesses the acid
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Water Quality Index Lab - Water Quality Index Lab Sheena...

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