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Sheena Wadhwa 22 September 2011 Gov Block 3 Keeton Current Event #6 In February of 2010 on the campus of University of California, Irvine, ten Muslim students disrupted an Israeli diplomat’s speech. It is currently being decided whether these students were exercising their right to freedom of speech or if they were breaking the law. Ambassador Michael Oren’s speech was continuously interrupted by these students in front of the approximately 700 people present. The accusation that the protest was planned is not being disputed by their defense lawyers. The lawyers are saying that this situation has occurred with previous speakers yet none of those people were arrested. But in this case, the students will face anything from probation with community service and fines to a year of jail time if convicted. This article is interesting because the students were arrested for protesting when usually it is seen as freedom of speech. The only difference is these students are Muslim.
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Unformatted text preview: Another reason it intrigued me is was it took place on the campus of UCI, which my sister attends. Irvine is a suburb south of Los Angeles. It’s a safe town kind of similar to Folsom where not many controversies occur. I am interested in following this story to find out what happens to the students. This has an effect on the U.S. because it could be seen as racial discrimination. Also, controversies with Muslims may keep Americans on high alert due to the recent 10-year anniversary of September 11 th . Although this event happened last year, it is currently being tried so it will be viewed as recent. Since these students were a few of many protestors to get arrested, it could be seen as racism. There are two different roads this trial could take and the end will be interesting. Depending on the result, it could have different effects on the U.S....
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