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Current Event #7 In Kansas, insurance companies were banned from covering optional abortions. American Civil Liberties Union filed a law suit in August to 'temporally block the law". Their reasoning was to figure out whether or not the law is unconstitutional. Their request was rejected by the U.S. District Judge Wesley Brown. A proposition for requirements before an abortion takes place was to make the mother wait a day and to be educated about the fetus. North Carolina, a mother is required to see an ultrasound of her unborn baby before the procedure. This issue is interesting to be because I still haven't formed a strong opinion of my belief. There are so many different circumstances to consider such as whether it was consensual or rape. It intrigues me to see how states are trying to make laws that balance the two views such as setting requirements before the procedure can occur. The requirements may help with some situation but not all.
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Unformatted text preview: Which can be a good or bad thing because maybe the child will now be born in a bad household. Maybe there shouldn't be laws to control personal lives unless they abuse their privileges. This issue affects the United States because abortion has been a big issue in our country for a while. Also, states are starting to change the laws which might create a ripple effect. This might create more situations will young people going to different states to get the abortions if it is illegal in their states. It's going to become a federal issue if people keep fighting it. Also, if it is said to be illegal, it will cause more unprofessional abortion which will create many more problems then if a woman was to get a professional abortion. Overall, this issue is nowhere near being resolved and will continue being a huge issue in the United States....
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