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Gov Current Event #1 - as a result of support And I liked...

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Sheena Wadhwa Gov/Econ Block 3 8/19/11 Current Event #1 Unemployment is a major issue in the United States at this time, so bad that Rep. Maxine Waters, a top African-American lawmaker, said that is hasn’t been this bad since the Great Depression. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculated the national unemployment rate in July as 9.1% but the unemployment rate for African Americans is almost 16%. Waters is concerned with President Barack Obama’s lack of focus on the African American Community. Although Waters is proud of our current president, she believes Obama needs to pay more attention to the African-American community. She also wants the president to be supported by the American people in order to “let the president know that [they] want him to be tough.” This article was interesting to me because I didn’t know the unemployment rates based on race. Also, I was intrigued by the fact that Waters wanted Obama to be tougher
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Unformatted text preview: as a result of support. And I liked figuring out if Obama had a motive for not visiting predominately African American communities. Obama’s area of focus is fascinating because of the politics that come with it. Overall, this was an interesting article that I enjoyed reading. This can affect the United States in many ways. If Obama continues with his current actions, there may be a possibility of African Americans not being as happy with him because of his failure to visit predominately African American communities. But on the other hand, if Obama does help lower the African American unemployment rate, other Americans could see it as favoritism of race. He is stuck in the middle of this situation and I can see where both sides are coming from. I think he will continue to take the middle road....
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