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Fortican Fundraiser Outline Formal Dinners: - Where: Sacramento, San Jose, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Diego - We will host large, formal dinners in the biggest cities in our state in order to raise funds. Donors will be charged person to dine, mingle, and listen to Nate speak. - The expense of the night will determine the amount of the individual entry prices. - We will host this event in a venue that guests normally wouldn’t be able to go to such as a private area of venues or a celebrity home. This will create
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Unformatted text preview: more of a draw to the event. -We will personally invite large donors and supporters to make special donations Meet and Greet Events-Casual events that cost much less will also be held in the state’s largest cities that are more intimate than the formal dinners. -We will ask attendees to give small donations-The guests will have the opportunity to talk with and ask questions to Nate...
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