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N-38 LEARNING OBJECTIVES: THE SOMATOSENSORY SYSTEM 1. From the table on p. N-40, memorize the receptor type, axonal type, location, and function. 2. Define “dermatome,” and describe the anatomical basis for dermatomes. 3. Identify the structures of the dorsal column – medial lemniscal system, spinothalamic system, and trigeminal system. Compare and contrast the anatomy and functions of these three systems. Identify the location and sensory modality on the body and head that are lost following lesions in the spinal cord or brain that damage one of these three systems. 4. Define the two components of pain, and the afferent fibers that transmit them. List five chemicals that can sensitize nociceptors. 5. Define primary and secondary hyperalgesia, and visceral pain. 6. Describe how the gate control system works. List four areas from which nociceptive input can be modified. List four ways to prevent or reduce pain.
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