2010 Cell Physiology Final Exam Study Guide

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Cell Physiology Final Exam Study Guide 1. Transport o Know characteristics of transport systems and examples o Table 4-2, Figure 4-15 2. Electrophysiology o Know ionic basis for membrane potential (chemical and electrical) o Know ionic mechanisms of action potentials o Know events of neurotransmission o Know how to modulate neurotransmission
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Unformatted text preview: o Figure 6-34 o Know mechanisms how action potentials are generated by EPPs, EPSPs and IPSPs 3. Muscle o Know mechanisms of muscle contraction o Table 9-2 o Know mechanisms involved in regulation of muscle tension. o Table 9-4, Figures 9-20, 9-21, 9-26. o Know the mechanisms of smooth muscle contraction. Fig 9-34, 9-35....
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