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2010 Neurophysiology Final Exam Study Guide

2010 Neurophysiology Final Exam Study Guide - 6 For The...

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Final Exam Study Guide for Nervous System (including Autonomic Nervous System) Autonomic Nervous System: Concentrate on the table presented on ANS-12-13. Thus, you should know the effects of stimulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems on the organs. Central Nervous System: 1. There are no questions specifically related to pages N-1 through N-23 (first two lectures). 2. Know the major function(s) of each cranial nerve. Table 6-8 on p. 178 of Vander is adequate for this. 3. For Fundamentals of Sensory Processing , know sections III and IV. 4. For The Somatosensory System , know all of the anatomical connections for the dorsal column/medial lemniscal pathway, spinothalamic system, and trigeminal system, and know what sensations each pathway transmits. Also know section III on pain. 5. For Pain Management , know sections IV – VI. For the drugs in this lecture, know the mechanisms of action.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. For The Visual System , know sections III.B., IV, and V. Know the effects of transections of different parts of the visual pathways. 7. For The Auditory System , know sections III and IV. 8. For The Vestibular System , know sections III, IV, and V.D. 9. For Organization of Motor System; Spinal Cord , know sections IV and V. 10. For Motor Control: Brainstem and Cerebral Cortex , know sections I, II, and IV. 11. For Motor Control: Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia , know sections III and IV of the cerebellum part, and sections III and IV of the basal ganglia part. 12. For EEG, Wakefulness, and Sleep , know sections III, V, and VI. 13. For Limbic System, Motivation, and Emotion , know sections II, III.B., and III.C. 14. For Cerebral Cortex and Higher Functions , know sections I, II, and III.A.-C. 15. For What’s My Lesion? , know the paths through the spinal cord....
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