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Final Exam Study Guide: Renal Physiology 1. Understand the process of glomerular filtration and know how the glomerular filtration rate is regulated and measured. 2. Recall the major events concerning water and solute transport that occur in different nephron segments. 3. Understand and recall the regulation of renal excretion of water through concentrating mechanisms and antidiuretic hormone system. 4. Understand why the regulation of extracellular fluid volume is accomplished through
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Unformatted text preview: regulation of sodium balance and the regulatory mechanisms (signals, sensors, effectors and their pathways) for renal sodium excretion. 5. Understand how potassium balance is regulated by the kidneys and identify the nephron site and the transport process critically involved in the regulation. 6. Describe how the renal acid-base regulatory mechanisms operate during normal acid-base state, during acid loading, and during base loading....
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