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Cardiovascular Review Questions - CARDIOVASCULAR REVIEW...

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CV-35 CARDIOVASCULAR REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Which of the following events occur during the depolarization phase of the cardiac action potential for a ventricular cardiac cell? A. Na + and Cl - permeabilities are inactivated B. K + permeability increases and Ca ++ permeability is turned off C. Ca ++ enters the cell through slow channels D. Na + channels are inactivated and K + permeability increases E. Na + permeability increases rapidly and K + permeability decreases 2. The greatest amount of ventricular filling occurs during which phase of the cardiac cycle? A. Late systole B. Early systole C. Late diastole D. Early diastole E. Immediately after atrial contraction 3. If the end-diastolic volume of the left ventricle is 150 ml and the end-systolic volume is 75 ml, then the ejection fraction is A. 33% B. 50% C. 60% D. 67% E. 80% 4. Stroke volume is A. equal to cardiac output (CO) times total peripheral resistance (TPR) B. usually greater from the left ventricle than from the right ventricle C. increased when contractility decreases
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Cardiovascular Review Questions - CARDIOVASCULAR REVIEW...

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