Respiratory Review Questions

Respiratory Review Questions - RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY...

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L-35 RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Which of the following structures do not form part of the upper airways? A. Larynx B. Trachea C. Pharynx D. Nose 2. Airway resistance normally A. significantly hinders the required air flow in and out of the lungs. B. is determined primarily by the radius of the airways. C. is altered most significantly by changes in the viscosity of air D. is increased by lateral traction during inspiration. 3. Which of the following is responsible for the movement of O 2 from the alveoli into the blood in the pulmonary capillaries? A. Active transport B. Filtration C. Secondary active transport D. Facilitated diffusion E. Passive diffusion 4. A child is born with respiratory distress syndrome requiring the use of a ventilator. The ventilator is set to provide a tidal volume of 0.2 liters at 5 cm H 2 0 pressure. The compliance of the child’s lungs is A. 25 cm H 2 O/ml B. 50 cm H 2 O/ml C. 20 ml/ cm H 2 O D. 40 ml/cm H 2 O 5. Most of the CO 2 transported in the blood is
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Respiratory Review Questions - RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY...

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