Shark Fin Soup(revised)

Shark Fin Soup(revised) - Stephanie Michael McCue Professor...

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Stephanie Michael McCue Professor John Lynch English 01 6 September 2011 Shark Fin Soup It was the biggest and most exotic meal I had ever eaten. We started with fried tofu, beef with mint, and papaya salad. Then out came the raw shrimp in lime-juice (in which I did not partake) and mussels in a spicy broth. All tingling my taste buds were setting my mouth ablaze. Then the whole fish, two for the table of 10 people, and of course rice. Loads of rice. Then came the main event. Shark Fin Soup. I had been told not to refuse or to make a big deal about it. I had been going out of my way to be polite to visit my best friend's father in Thailand. Politeness is key to slipping into the Thai culture. I was bowing and deferring all over the place, and during the course of this meal I was doing more of it then I ever thought possible. I have always been a texture person , nothing spongy or squishy for me. Then came the Shark Fin Soup. "This soup costs $40 a bowl," Natalie had warned me, "it is very rude not to eat it. You won't like it, but eat the entire bowl." I had seen the documentaries on how they get the shark's fins, and I had a moral objection to eating the soup, but I was trapped. I had no choice. As a good guest, and a curious foodie, I put the first spoonful to my lips. UGH! Thick gelatinous goo with bits of black mushroom and some suspicious looking cartilage swimming through the slime. At least it once was swimming, I thought. With each spoonful the taste became more pungent. Halfway through the bowl I paused. Natalie looked at me suspiciously from the
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Shark Fin Soup(revised) - Stephanie Michael McCue Professor...

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