Narration_1st_draft_Savitskaya_peer corretions

Narration_1st_draft_Savitskaya_peer corretions -...

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Savitskaya1 Sviatlana Savitskaya Professor Lynch English 1 6 September 2011 It was a wonderful sunny spring day many years ago. The sun melted remains of snow, which lay as dirty gray masses along the sides of the road. Streamlets of thawing water perkily purled here and there. Children, pushing each other and cheerfully laughing, ran along these streamlets following paper ships. Just yesterday I was among them, but today, I slowly dragged myself home. Although, my school was within minutes of walking distance from my house, today it took twice as long to get home, as I dreaded the moment of seeing my mother. Prolonging that meeting, I chose to climb the stairs to the fifth floor instead of using the elevator and rang the doorbell. As I heard her footsteps approaching the door, I felt my heart racing as if it was going to jump out of my chest. The door slowly opened with a usual squeak and I saw her. She looked at my face, and immediately guessed that something happened. She asked in a concerned voice, “What happened with you, Sweety?” I replied in shaky voice, “I‘ve got a “D” on Math test,” and
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Narration_1st_draft_Savitskaya_peer corretions -...

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